StormZone is a school-based multidisciplinary science and social studies education program that teaches students about the science of severe natural hazards – hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and flash floods, severe winter weather, extreme heat, wildfires, and earthquakes – and how emergency management agencies work with federal, state and local governments to prepare for and recover from such disasters. Within this framework is an interactive exercise where students form their own government and plan and recover from a major weather event. The program, designed specifically for 6-12 grades, also provides students with safety and preparedness information, including a Disaster Survival Kit and Family Communication Plan to take home to their families. Finally, StormZone provides information about how to become a Red Cross volunteer.

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Climate change has arrived

OUR OPINION: Dire future if no action is taken

In case there was still any doubt, and there shouldn’t be at this point, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations group of scientists, has made it official: Climate change is not coming, it’s already here. And it’s going to get worse unless the whole world — especially the industrial world — greatly reduces greenhouse emissions causing global warming.

The U.N. panel periodically weighs in on the state of the Earth’s climate. Its latest report cites melting ice caps, collapsing sea ice in the Arctic, heat waves and heavy deluges that are increasing in intensity and threatening crops, bringing on concerns about sustainable food supplies. Coral reefs are dying. Oceans are rising, while the oceans’ waters are becoming more acidic as they absorb carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles and power plants.

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